The Chandler Meats Snacks Division of Monogram Food Solution’s, has partnered with Sussner Construction for over 25 years in the expansion, renovation and continued growth of our facility in Chandler, MN.

This has included plant expansion, new additions, production room renovations, vast production equipment room projects, warehouse expansions, packaging facility expansions and utility building and concrete work for expansions and added footprint overall.

Through the years, Sussner Construction has proven to be a great partner in on-time completion of our many projects, working under strict timelines, at times during production hours and at times not.

The scheduling of our construction projects have been very extensive, well detailed and executed in an on-time basis.

As a General Contractor, we have been very satisfied with their coordination of projects, management of multiple contractors, and management of projects start to finish in a very professional manner, and most importantly, to budget.

In addition to that performance, all projects completed were done so with no safety or food safety incidents.

Sussner Construction continues to be a solid partner for Monogram Foods Solution’s, and a Contractor of choice, first to be called upon for our construction needs, in the past, today and for the foreseeable future.

Corey Kruse
Plant Engineering Manager
Monogram Meats, Chandler MN Operations